D.O.B. January 26, 2010
Boomer Of Bluegill
Bluegill’s Shadow Girl

Hips – OFA – LR-199981F31F-VPI
Elbows – OFA - LR-EL56280F31-VPI
Eye CERF – Norma

Very early on Scarlet was one of those diamonds that shone so bright you just can’t stop looking at it. At 3 weeks old she was escaping her whelping pen, a full week before any of her litter mates, and although her collar name was Jade we began calling her “Red Lightning”… A force to be reckoned with! Scarlet spent her first year turning my hair grey as all the reasons I wanted puppies from her were the very things that were making me crazy! As many times as we raised the fence on her run she would interpret this as a challenge the she needed to overcome. Scarlet is extremely driven, intelligent and athletic… An endlessly energetic bundle of loving fun that still makes us glow with pride even when we are our most frustrated with her Houdini antics.