ARIZONA  (Dam to Sedona)
DOB: March 28, 2009
Sire: Bluegills Amos Ottis
Dam: Lily Mae Rose II

Arizona is as beautifully built as she is sweet and intelligent. Her wonderful bloodlines go back to some of the most amazing red champions in England including Wynfaul Tabasco, Balrion Kings Ransom and Simanden Kings Neptune. On her sires side she not only boasts several generations of Kellygreen dogs but also many Amtr&FldCh such as Itchin’ To Go, River Oak’s Rascal and Black Gold’s Candlewood Kate. I have a very special spot in my heart for Arizona Sunset. Shortly after I had back surgery I suffered temporary partial paralysis. One day when Arizona was only 8 or 9 months old I was going up a staircase and suddenly my legs were too weak to hold me and with no railing to grasp I grabbed the first thing I could reach…which was Arizona. As I pleaded “Steady Girl” she stood still and sound while I was able to lower myself to a sit. Since then, without any training, whenever I am going up the stairs Arizona will beat me to the top and wait for me to place my hand on her back for balance…She is that SMART!